Our Signature Projects

Rotary Garden

Rotary Garden was construed by our club with the help of WCS grant. Rotary Garden is spread in 2.5 acres of land which is beautifully surrounded by various trees. A special area is reserved for children. The garden is open to all between 6.00 am and 9.00 pm.

Dolls Museum

To create an awareness about the diverse Indian cluture among the community members, the Dolls Museum is setup at Rotary Bhavan. The exclusive collection of more than 150 Indian dolls , representing diverse ethnic groups have been brought under one roof in Dombivli for display. The museum is open to all between 5.30 pm and 7.30 pm.


Amphitheatre in our garden is our special silver jubilee year project. It is a new landmark of our garden. With major financial support from Mr. Dileep Kulkarni of M/s Soft Corner Marketing, we could build this Amphitheatre during our silver jubilee year. Amphitheatre will provide the necessary back up for the children to express their hidden talents. It is much helpful to our ongoing project 'Balkatta'.

Ayurved Garden

Ayurved and herbal medicines are well known to all Indians but most of them have not seen the plants from where we get these herbal medicines. In order to provide knowledge about these medicinal herbal plants, we created an Herbal Garden at Rotary Garden. The first phase of garden was inaugurated at the hands of then RIPE D K Lee on May 6, 2008. In this first phase around 45 trees were planted. After the successful growth of the plants during monsoon, we added around 35 more plants during the second phase. The inauguration of the second phase was done at the hands of DG Bansi Dhurandhar. Today, there are around 80 different species of herbal plants are available for the visitors to see. Students from Pharmacy, Botany and Ayurvedic Medicine have visited the garden and found to be very useful for aligning the information with their curriculum. Plants like ‘Karanj’, ‘Khadir’, ‘Chandan’, ‘Ashwagandha’, ‘Shatavari’, ‘Asthi Shrunkhala’, ‘Panfuti’, ‘Lajalu – Touch me not’, ‘Nirgudi’ and many more are available at display. The display boards kept near each plant provides the details of plant like 1) Name in Marathi, 2) Latin Name, 3) Family, 4) General Usage etc.

Dombivli Olympics & Balmela

A community service project arranged every year to encourage the school children for participating in sports activity. Around 50-60 schools and more than 5,000 students from Dombivli area participate in more than 25-30 various events like Runnig, Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Chess, Carrom, Karate, Swimming, Gymnastics, Yoga etc. Balmela is a cultural competition programme consisting of activities viz. mono acting, drawing, elocution, hand writing competition, science quiz etc.

Swayam Rojgar

The 'Swayam Rojgar' scheme, similar to a micro-credit scheme, is designed to disburse interest free loans to needy persons from the community for a certain period of time, within which the loan is repaid back to the Trust. The club member, who recommends the individual to avail of the scheme, stands as guarantor and is responsible for recovery of the loan.

Medical Treatment Aid

Under the scheme, trust designates certain funds every year. A panel of doctors scrutinizes the need of the applicant and the aid is given which is non-refundable. This year, till January, 2009, we have disbursed more than Rs.50,000/- towards Medical Aid Grant.

Education and School Adoption

A separate fund has been created by the Trust for help to needy students opting for higher education as well as to the schools and colleges that need certain equipments, books, apparatus, etc. for the benefits of under-privileged students The disbursement is in the form of payment of fees for the particular course pursued by the needy student, purchase of books, equipments and apparatus for school or college libraries and laboratories, etc. The disbursement of educational fees for the needy is also an interest free loan and the recipient student is expected to return it after completion of his / her education. The funds received by return of such loans thus can be made available for benefit of the other needy ones.

Arogyadeep - Medical Directory

The medical directory “Arogyadeep” is useful for the help of all sorts of medical help in Dombivli. The directory includes not only the contact details of doctors and hospitals but also many details (as related to blood donation, eye donation, many more medical related helps guidelines etc.). The first edition was published in feb, 2005 and second edition is published on 28th Dec., 2008.

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